Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Valentines cards

It's that time of year agin and everyone is thinking about what to do or get for their special person.

Forget the commercial grade cards spouting cheesy poetry - this year I hvae made my own cards to give to my beloved, and a few extra's for friends and relatives to give to theirs.

Using just plain white cardstock, a sewing machine, red thread and either vintage fabric or vintage styled scrapbooking paper these are super simple! I just cut out a heart shape (the easiest way is to fold the medium and cut a half heart shape, much like making paper snowflakes. This means your love heart is nice and perfectly shaped. You could use a heart template if you wanted)

Then, using a plain straight stitch sew the heart onto the cardstock. It took me a couple of goes to get it looking really good, so have a couple of spares up your sleeve. Then I just zig zagged across the heart.

As a little added extra, the sewing machine I am working on has fancy stitching patterns so I just ran a line of hearts down the envelopes.

I've left the insides blank on these ones, but you could always add in your own message or poetry.

Happy Valentines!

These are a few of the first attempts!

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