Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Making something out of scraps

I was second hand shopping for fabric yesterday and managed to find some beautiful vintage style fabric. I got a supermarket bag full for $4! Only problem is - one of the bits was a curtain.

I took it home and cut the main panel of fabric out for future use. There was still the ruffles and the top of the curtain left over. I decided to strip out the material in the ruffles so cut the seams off. I was amazed at how much fabric I could get out of it!

We have little kittens in our house at the moment and they are just at that preschool age where they are into everything and developing their chasing skills. Using the seam strips I had left over, I wound them up (the strips, not the kittens) into balls nice and tightly, then tucked the tails into the ball strands.

What a hit they are! And a great way to use up strips of scrap fabric! Nice and soft for sharpening teeth, and small enough for little paws.

I think next time I will add some catnip or wind the fabric around a little bell.

1 comment:

  1. what a cute little kitty - and I bet he loves his little rag ball :)